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MAD DOG - Gaddafi's secret world
MAD DOG - Gaddafi's secret world

Filmed in Cuba, the Pacific, Brazil, the US, South Africa, Libya and Australia, our cast consists of palace insiders and those who gave shape to Gaddafi’s dark dreams. They include a fugitive from the FBI who helped kill his enemies worldwide; the widow of the Libyan foreign minister whose body Gaddafi kept in a freezer; and a female bodyguard who adored him until she saw teenagers executed. Gaddafi was a dictator like no other; their stories are stranger than fiction.


“A straight-ahead docu that, like its brilliant subject, packs surprising punches” VARIETY MAGAZINE

Thu 22 Aug 2013 @ 0:00

We are very proud to announce that Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic airs on Sunday 25th August. It has already received great press from Variety and the Independent.


Notes from the Inside, with James Rhodes: Music can change everything

Wed 24 Jul 2013 @ 0:00

Notes from the inside, with James Rhodes, aired on Wednesday 24th July on Channel 4. It has received some great press from The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph and The Metro. “Rhodes was under no illusion that his music was some kind of therapeutic cure-all. But it had given...


New York Daily News for The House I Live In

Wed 10 Apr 2013 @ 0:00