James Rhodes: Piano Man

With childhood abuse, drug addiction and suicide attempts behind him, James is not your typical concert pianist. But with his passion and rock-star aura, he’s bringing new audiences to classical piano.

In Piano Man, James plays the music of his favourite composers, including Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, many of whom have had, like James, troubled lives. In this highly personal collection, James explains how they’ve given him solace in his darkest moments, and why we should all be listening. With stunning solo piano performances and witty insight into the lives of James’s favourites, Piano Man is an exciting and radical new approach to classical music.
Episode 1 - Beethoven: Waldstein
Episode 2 - Chopin
Episode 3 - Bach-Busoni
Episode 4 - Uppers & Downers
Episode 5 - Mad, Bad & Sad
Episode 6 - Bach
Episode 7 - Beethoven
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First on air Thursday 16th December at 9pm (GMT)Sky Arts 2 HD.

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