Chef Race: UK vs US

It’s the UK vs US as 16 chefs – 8 from each nation – attempt to cook their way across the USA in a new series for BBC AMERICA. Dropped in Los Angeles with neither cash nor credit cards, the chefs cook to survive - trading their culinary skills in return for food, transport and beds for the night. With a backpack, 3 herbs and spices, a kitchen utensil and a map, the chefs must hustle their way 3000 miles to New York City. Hosts, Claire Robinson and Michelin-starred London Restauranteur, Richard Corrigan set the chefs 10 challenges as the teams fight to beat their rivals, avoid elimination and claim the $100,000 prize money. 


Executive Producers:

Jamie Oliver

Roy Ackerman

Amy Chacon

Seb Grant

Jo Ralling


Co-Executive Producer:

Neil De-Groot


Supervising Producer

Lauren Abery


Line Producer

Harriet Dormer